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ATR 72-500 logo light


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Hello, I love this this wonderful plane and missed a logo light so I have added it and is toggled with the spot light switch. Open the Plane-Maker and add this lights, then in X-plane assign a key to the spot light toggle.





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it is simple.
Start Plane Maker (located in X - Plane 10 main folder).
Then load the ATR 72 . File - Open ( the ATR72.acf ) .
Then : Standard - Viewpoint - Ext. Lights.
At the bottom click on Add ( 2 times, because we need 2 spots ) .
And then EXACTLY enter the values ​​that Buzzer has stated above ( in the picture) .
The first three values ​​determine the location (coordinates ) of the illumination .
The next two values ​​determine the direction of the the spot (angle) .
The rightmost values ​​determine the size of the beam and the color of the light.
As a goal of lighting select VERT STAB 1 (for both lamps; selection list on the left ) .
And of course as a lamp select Spot (selection list on the right ).
Then close the viewpoint window by clicking on the X .
Then File - Save (CTRL -s) .
Then File - Quit ( Close Planemaker ) .
Then you just have to configure a joystick button to " spot_lights_toggle " (or a keyboard key ) .
Start X-Plane 10.
Menu Settings - Joystick& Equipment.
Buttons: Adv. - lights.
At first click on the Button you want to configure.
Then choose lights - spot_lights_toggle.
Close the "Joystick & Equipment" window.
So the button is configured.
And then you have a "logo light " .
Greets Heinz
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