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Aircraft Profile Accuracy - Testing Add-on A/C

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It seemed it may be helpful to have a common gathering place to note how well the PFPX profiles match popular 3rd part add-ons. I expect some such as PMDG to be very close, however others may need some tweaking to match FSX instead of real life. Only one test flight myself so far, but as expected this matches PMDG very well:

PMDG 737-800NGX Winglet with PMDG 737-800ERW in PFPX

KMDW to KSTL with OpusFSX real world weather

ETE 0044, Est. Fuel Burn 6,000 lbs

ATE 0045, Actual Burn 6,200 lbs

No surprise, but at least to start the PMDG 738 Winglet looks pretty spot on.

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For anyone using the Eaglesoft Citation X, I've done three flights so far. All of them at FL400 or above. I use FSGlobal RW for weather. Actual and estimated times have been within 5 minutes. The fuel remaining hasn't been more than 300lbs off the estimate.

There isn't an Eaglesoft template but if you set up a basic new aircraft, you can find a Citation X in that menu.


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