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ATR 72 (for X-Plane) - Can't engage Autopilot. Can't adjust speed bugs


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Hi, I recently purchased and installed the ATR 72-500 for X-Plane and I've run into a few problems. The first thing is that I cannot get the autopilot to engage. When I press the [AP] button, nothing happens. The button doesn't light up or anything. If I click any of the function buttons ([HDG], [ALT], etc.) some text shows up briefly on the autopilot display, but then immediately disappears.

I've also been having trouble with the speed bugs on the airspeed indicator. The bugs don't appear at all on the instrument like they appear to in the manual. When I try to adjust them with the knob, nothing happens.

I'm running X-plane 10.21 on a 64-bit Windows 7 system. I've tried the aircraft in both 32-bit and 64-bit and the problems were present in both.


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Okay, I've figured out my issue with the Autopilot after reading some of the other forum posts--apparently I had not turned on the inverters and the autopilot won't function without the inverters.

Still having trouble with the speed bugs. It looks like I can actually adjust them but they appear to be rendered underneath the face of the speed dial (rather than over top of it), so they just barely show through the lines of the speed dial's face. It's weird--might be some sort of a-buffer thrashing issue.

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