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Delete if u want, but I just wanted to add re. Poll...

YES, I have bought all the decent add-ons for it. I've come out and said it's pretty darned good generally, esp fps and graphics. You can use it on max settings and still see 40fps on my old pc.

But like most, I am frustrated, they keep releasing warbirds with no cockpits! It's really lazy of them.

The area of Hawaii is actually pretty big (payware version). And impressively detailed. Great multiplayer.

So im flying xplane the most, uninstalling fsx sceneries from my SSD as I need more room for xp and flight. Im not flying flight much lately, at least until Alaska comes out and another plane with a cockpit is released. The Maule's pit is very good, fully functioning controls. I've never paid for a cockpitless plane and never will.

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