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Sydney - YSSY (VOZ)


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There was talk a very long while back that AES would be coming for the original version airport (I think it was rumored in 1.14). The new version (V2) has been out for about a year now, and the author said something about AES being a possibility. I requested the scenery in the "Request Airport" thread too, but still nothing.

I'm not complaining; there was just no clarity on the possibility of the airport receiving AES support. Any chance it's still on the horizon, or are we out of luck?



Note: Speaking of the VOZ version of YSSY, not CLS

link to the product page (freeware) : http://aussiex.org/forum/index.php?autocom=downloads&showfile=504

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Hi Oliver,

As a co creator of the VOZ YSSY scenery, V2 has been modified to allow AES. (I think confused_s.gif:confused_s: )

The current static Jetways are of a separate Bgl to the other aerobridges (as per the request) while each static Jetway has been completely redone for the current version and use the same models as per the VOZ YBBN scenery which AES currently supports.

I am currently doing a small update to Sydney Airport due to a few changes happening at the field and can email you once completed (that is if you are still interested in looking at this) with all the model details?

Not to drift away from the topic but I have not long completed and released an update to my VOZ 1.8 Brisbane airport scenery, http://aussiex.org/f...ational-update/ , this update is not a massive one it just centers around the mid section of the domestic terminal which has just completed renovations. All gates are hard stands as pictured below with no static Jetways.


With this AES in that section "only" is now out of alignment are you able to update your current Brisbane file?

Kind Regards

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