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FSX Fatal Error Since Airbus X.


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Hi erik,

there are allready alot of posts on this subject. I encountered the same problem when i was about 5 mins in flight and FSX shut down.

- You should make sure that you run FSX as admin. (right click .exe file and run as administrator)

- Also make sure that FSX is NOT installed in it's native folder. (C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X)

- Double click your dll.xml file to see if it opens correctly in internet explorer. If not it's corrupted!

- In your fsx.cfg put under [MAIN] : DisablePreload=1

- also in same file put under [GRAPHICS] : HIGHMEMFIX=1

- make sure that you only have 1 entry for your graphics card

As a last resort, open your log book (windows + r) and run eventvwr.msc. Click windows logs in left row and then properties. Look for the last error sign and double click the process. It may be that this file UIAutomationCore.dll is the culprit of your problems. On my pc I didn't have to change it .

You need to download the "UIAutomationCore.dll" from Microsoft Vista and put in your FSX folder. Google FSX and UIAutomationCore.dll for more information or read this: http://forum.avsim.net/topic/280688-graphics-corruption-in-fsx-update-possible-solution-found/

I spent one whole day reading through all related posts here and the simple matter of running fsx as admin resolved my problems. It may well be however that you need to do more..so look up other related ostst on the forum and don't give up :D because this Bird flies like a dream!

goof luck!

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