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My Traffic 2010 unzipping problem


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I am having a lot of issues downloading and unzipping My Traffic 2010. Yesterday I tried to download it and it took over 3 hours with Firefox and when I tried to unzip it, received a CRC error message. Deleted all browser cache, history, cookies, etc and tried again but download still said it was going to take over 3 hours to download with high speed cable connection. Decided to try Internet explorer and received same error message but download process was about an hour faster. Today I thought I would try downloading it again on a different computer again using firefox with clean browser cache, internet history, cookies etc., download shopped at about the 50% mark. Tried downloading again using a download manager and again receive CRC error at 97% point of unzipping. I tried windows default unzip utility, 7 zip and Win zip and receive the error message at the same point every time. Is there anything that I have not tried, right now I am open to suggestions.


Mike Cameron

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