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Cannot dial in comms

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I am new to the forum and I have a problem. I posted on an existing thread but got no response so I appologize if this could have been asnwered somewhere else.

I have version 1.1 according to the boxed disk. After reading the forum I downloaded the patch and I still have a problem. The UHF Coms panel will not allow me to set the frequency. One digit rotates between 8 & 9 so it will not allow a different number to be chosen. It is impossible to dial in a frequency on either com 1 or com 2.


And, the MFD will not allow me to return to the "map" once I make another selection. It seems that the switches on the MFD are not working properly.

Because of these two issues I have not even tried to fly the sim to it's potential.

I appreciate your assistance

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