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AES fsx and fsdt

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Dear Oliver,

I remember reading that fsdt had some sort of system similar to yours for fsx (gates I think), but never really checked it out.

Do you think that may cause problems when using aes for fsx?


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FSDT use the FSX implemented Jetway animation (not very realistic), that's no problem, because AES will be able to replace them with his own jetways.

The problem is, that FSDT don't use "normal" BGL Objectplacements for the rest of the scenery. So in KJFK and KORD the second (and 380) Jetways and those, which are "not turning" (so that they can't use the FSX movement) are buildin fix in there scenery object. So AES can't remove this objects and FSDT is not willing to change that (what would be easy).

So, I must remove the AES Jetways at this positions, so that no double Jetways are displayed. That's why KJFK and KORD is not included yet, but I hope that I can do the remove tomorrow.

So, if you want to have this additational jetways back with AES, you need to ask FSDT to change there position and move this object back to a excludable BGL (will not effect there security concept very much).

Another effect can be the "park-Me" feature ... REST REMOVE.

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Another effect can be the "park-Me" feature, which adds also Safegate systems in the Scenery. But there is a subdir <FSX>\fsdreamteam\Couatl\ParkMe\areas were you can rename the <ICAO>.pye file in *.off, so that this feature is not active anymore.

I strongly suggest NOT to do that, because just deleting that file it's not the correct way to disable ParkMe on an airport, because that file is referenced in another place and if it's not found, it will generate an error (which is not visible, but it happened) that will stall the whole Python engine, which is needed by the scenery to work, not just for the ParkMe feature, but for the scenery itself to be displayed, since many objects are called by Python, and they will disappear or they will *fail* to disappear (when they should), resulting either in missing objects (if objects are not called), or slowdowns, if objects are not destroyed.

It's easy to verify this because, when the ParkMe *.PYE file is removed, ALL the other features, like YouControl or even whole plugins like XPOI will stop working, because the abrupt file removal stalls the whole script engine.

So, for the time being, it's not possible to remove that file without consequences. We might considering adding a safety check, allowing for ParkMe areas to be removed, but that would be just a temporary fix.

The proper way to do it, would be having a way for users to set and save their preferences about those features, but IT HAS to be done in both ways. Meaning, you should provide the same feature in AES, letting users to selectively enable/disable features, possibly for specific airports. Like, for example, being able to specify that at, let's say, JFK, ground vehicles will be provided by AES and safegates by ParkMe, and at KLAS, the opposite, if the user has reason to like it more this way.

I strongly suggest you to consider it because, it's either this, or it will be complete chaos, when we'll update ParkMe with additional features, which will happen relatively soon.

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