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Older (?) liveries no longer working properly, despite them wrapping around the model.

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As the title says, i can't seem to get what seems like every single livery working for the Aerosoft A320/A321, the problem also happens with the A318/A319 busses.


After installation, upon opening the sim, the plane is this chrome colour with plenty of artefacts. What I don't get is that this happens even with newer liveries, even up to 2019. So what's going on ? Are they made for a way older version which no longer works as expected ? If so, how can I get them to work ?


Also, upon opening the DDS files using Photoshop, the default liveries seem to be transparent while the older ones aren't.


All the stuff i'm running is P3d v4.5 , Tomatoshade and the busses themselves. That's all that should worry about the plane itself.

I don't think knowing what hardware i have is necessary or even useful, so I won't post it.


Below I will post screenshots of my problem



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Hi @Erenasss,


did you reference the fallback texture folders? Check your working livery texture.cfgs for that.


It looks like this:


fallback.1=....\Aerosoft A318-A319 Professional Base\Tex_FB_VC
fallback.2=....\Aerosoft A318-A319 Professional Base\Tex_FB_A31X


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