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X-Crafts E175 und E195 Updates auf v2.5

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die beiden folgenden Produkte wurden im Shop und in den Bestandskunden Konten aktualisiert:


Embraer E-175 v2


New Fullversion: 2.5


Embraer E-195 v2


New Fullversion: 2.5


Version 2.5  (July 22nd 2021)


Converted textures from PNG format to DDS format. This finalizes full Vulkan/Metal compatibility. Users with lower-end systems may see a performance increase.

Cockpit and Fuselage textures now also allow Resolution change. This will likely increase your framerates if your machine isn't very powerful. This depends on the "Texture Quality" slider in your X-Plane settings.

Fixed a bug where the shadows of the exterior of the plane were not rendered properly in the 3D cockpit view.

Included Better Pushback in the package

File cleanup

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