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Mac Desktop Charts - Can't Access


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We'll check, but is is nearly impossible to follow what Apple is doing these days. 


The error itself if rather ridiculous.  Apple can't check it is safe (probably because some of their processes are not working) and they tell the user to contact the developer. Exactly what do they expect us to do? Assist them in getting there check for malicious software is not working? Who do we contact?  What needs to be updated? Why did Apple not contact us when they felt we 'should update'? 


To be clear, this software is safe, it is not malicious. We do not block you from using it is any way. Apple is. We do not know why.  Ask Apple!



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If you right-click the app icon and select open from the drop down menu it should give you the option to open the app despite the warning in the error dialogue. I think this happens if an application package isn't signed but I don't honestly know for sure either

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