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Version 1.14 of Flightplan Visualizer released


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Version 1.14 have just been released, and it can be downloaded from AVSIM using this link: 



I urge to you to watch the video released with version 1.11 (available via the help-menu) as it tells you how you can manage your flightplans. A video explaining most of the changes in version 1.14 have also been uploaded to YouTube and link for this video is also available via the help-menu. Here is a list of the changes in version 1.14:


  • - Flightplan file-format was changed, to accommodate changes to the airline-data. In previous versions the airline ICAO-code had to be unique, hence not allowing old defunct airlines still remaining in the data-file when a new airline would be issued the same ICAO-code (now they can both exists, and many of the defunct have been marked as defunct).
  • On start-up old flightplans in enabled folders will automatically be updated to the new format. If you have sub-folders containing additional flightplans, you should make sure these are enabled, in order to have these updated as well. Once they have been updated you can go ahead and disable these sub-folders again as you please.
  • Its now possible to add user defined airlines, in case you want to add you own fictitious airlines (e.g. VA's) or you want to add airlines missing in the official data-files that I supply with the program (if this is the case, please notify me, so I can add these in the next release of the program).
  • "Favorite aircraft" have been renamed into "Favorite aircraft-types", as it is the "types" of aircraft you mark. You don't mark a particular aircraft/cofiguration (like the PMDG B737-800 NGXu) as your favorite, but rather the "type" (B737-800). The file containing the (active) favorite aircraft-type selection was renamed as well (you don't have to do anything, the file is automatically renamed on start-up).
  • Added a new Unit-Conversion form, letting the user convert units of: Speed, Lenght/Distance, Weight/Volume, Pressure and Temperature. The Weight/Volumne conversions is a bit special as it lets the user convert between weight (kg/lbs) and volume (liter/gal), thanks to a Fuel Density that defaults to 0.785, but can be changed by the user.
  • All search-forms (seaching for airport, aircraft and airline) was changed to ignore whitespeaces (e.g. "airBaltic" vs. "air Baltic"), and ignore diacritics (e.g. "Aerolínea" vs. "Aerolinea"), making it more easy to find what you are searching for in one go.
  • The airline search-form will by default exclude airlines that have been marked as defunct. However a new "Include defunct" check-box have been added to the form, allowing you to include these (who am I to say you can not still use "Air Berlin", "Monarch" or "Thomas Cook" flightplans if you want to).
  • Added 3 new columns to the airline search form showing commence/cease-date, and wheter or not the airline is "in use" (as carrier/operator by any of the active fligthplans).
  • State is now by default excluded when using the airport search form, which make it a lot more convenient to find airports in the city of "New York". State can still be included in the search by choosing a different search-type using the combo-box in the upper/right corner.
  • When Flightplan Visualizer needs for perform potentially lengthy operations it will spread the workload over the available cores of the CPU. However if you want to limit which cores it uses you can now set the affinity-mask in the settings form.
  • The splash-screen shown when the program starts, and when reloading active flightplans was prevoiusly always shown on top (top-most), but if you find this anoying it can now be disabled in settings.
  • Fixed: Warnings/errors regarding loading flightplans were only displayed at start-up. Now they are shown whenever all active flightplans are loaded (e.g. after having enabled a sub-folder).
  • Data: The airline-data got a major update, and a bunch of new airlines were added, and the data for MANY others were updated. It is a manual process to update these, almost as funny to do as to watch paint dry 😉
  • Data: A few countries had a wrong- or no sub-region code, so these were fixed/updated. As usual, if any of you spot any erros, or missing data, please use the forum to notify me.
  • Data: Additional info added to the aircraft-data (in preparation for some future plans).
  • Flightplans: All flightplans bundled with the installer have been updated to the new file-format.
  • Flightplans: Thanks to Ryan Carson (RCAI) for allowing me to bundle the installer with a few of his flightplans, so the installer comes with the very first winter 2019-2020 flightplan.
  • Flightplans: The good people over at AIG (Alpha India Group) have been VERY busy since the last release, hence the installer comes with +130 new pre-imported flightplans, bringing the total to 629. This update concludes Summer 2019, and AIG already have the first Winter 2019/2020 flight-plans in beta-test.



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A bug regarding the new "User-Airline" feature have been reported (thanks Bruce). If/When you add user airlines, the callsign you enter will be replaced by the name of the airline, when you save the new user-airline. This bug have been fixed in my current development versions of the program. However in the mean time if any of you run into this issue there is a "work-around" until the next versions will be released. When you have added the user airlines you need, shut down FV and navigate to the user folder (if you are not sure where it is, use the "Open UserData-folder" menu item, in the main-menu before shutting down FV). Here you can manually edit the UserAirlineInfo.xml file and correct the callsign. This callsign will remain until you edit this particular user-airline from within the program. If doing so the callsign will again change the callsign into the name of the airline. The bug will show its nasty face when the program validated the data entered by the user when saving a particular airline (only the edited user-airline will be affected).



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