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Hi guys, I have the AES v2.45 in my FS2004, but I'm with a little problen in AESConfig, when I start AESConfig, in the scenery and Flight Simulator open, show, how can I say, I'm disconected from FS2004, I'd deleted the subdirectory VistaMare, but didn't work, what do I have do?

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From the manual:

Please note that there are two versions of the AES Tools, one for each simulator. They can both be found via the Windows Start Menu: • For FS2004: Start -> Programs -> Aerosoft -> AES Basepack • For FSX: Start -> Programs -> Aerosoft -> AES Basepack for FSX Two icons that are linked to the main configuration utility AESHelp will be displayed on the desktop.


Are you using the correct version AES Tools for FS2004?

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