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Dx 10 fixer black box with a320 only

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I previously posted a topic here : 

, but it turns out my issue isn't actually fixed. Basically, if I use Steve's freeware dx10 fixer, if I don't enable the Geneva runway patch in the patch options, then all of my Ivao mtl models are grey, plus some of my addon airports (such as fsdreamteam kfll) have grey land textures at night. If I enable the Geneva runway patch in patch options, then everything works great (the Ivao mtl, and all my airports, and the a318, 319, and 321). However, when I use the a320, I have black, missing textures in the vc as shown in the topic above and attached picture. Why does this only happen with the a320, and is there a way to fix it? I'd like to be able to have the runway patch and the a320 working. Is there a way to make the a320 use the cockpit of another bus, say the a321 or a319?


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