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  1. Hey, I'm not sure, if its really asking for support, its more like a suggestion for the future. First of all let me say a massive thank you for making EDLP freeware! Just had a small look into it, and it looks nice, and has great performance as well (55FPS in the A32N, so no massive impact on my side). The thing i was thinking about is to let users decide if they want the Airport CGL only or the one that includes all the surroundings. My fear is that we will run out of Diskspace very fast, when every (small) Airport is 4GB+ of size. As much as i enjoy the high res images around the airport i think it should be taken into consideration. I've a dedicated 2TB SSD for MSFS for now, so there is plenty of space left, but as the sceneries are coming it will get filled with lightning speed.
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