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  1. LIST2Z LISTO UL612 HON DCT MOSUN DCT ERNOK N862 LAMAT/N0474F380 DCT DAWLY/N0475F390 UN864 BHD L722 ANNET UL722 KORUL DCT ASPOR DCT XAMAX DCT SOTEX DCT XAPAS DCT GIMAL DCT OSLAD UR724 IBALU UN857 TERTO TERT4Q Image shows approaching XAMAX. Minor issue but I noticed it straight away on departure. Ian.
  2. First flight today - currently in the climb out of Manchester, all going very well however I've noticed that at waypoints the route line breaks - see attached.
  3. Hi, I’ve noticed EGNT has no PAPI lights at either end, day or night. I’ve opened a ticket and am waiting for a reply. The info states the scenery has custom approach lights... Ian Bowden
  4. I simply can't wait for this - are the aircraft displayed static or AI? Icelandair, for example, don't operate at Newcastle.
  5. Hi, I saw in a recent announcement that the above is coming (soon hopefully). Is there any more information> Thanks, Ian.
  6. I’d like to say that I’m 99% sure they were on, but will do the flight again to make sure, sometime this week. However surely the fuel is still being burned either way...is this on the list to be fixed?
  7. That’s strange. I’m sure 100% that everything was set correctly. I’ll fly again and try it on the same flight in the next week.
  8. HI, I'm just about to descend from Skiathos into Newcastle, I took off with15tonnes of fuel, and predictions are to land with around 4. Reaching T/D I still have 12tonnes... Ian.
  9. Good Morning, I've not flown the aircraft in a while and have come back from the other airbus product to look at the updated version. I have the latest experimental version installed. This morning, climbing out of Skiathos I found the climb prediction/TC calculation to be wrong/missing. See the attached screenshot which shows the aircraft still climbing to FL340, yet the MCDU believes we are already at that level? Prior to that the T/C was being shown on the MCDU but never on the ND, all that was shown on the ND was the blue climb predication arrow for the currently sel
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