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  1. Greetings! Recently received my 'Box Sets' of VFR Germany East, VFR GERMANY 2010 WEST and VFR GERMANY NORTH. A rather large 'investment' even for an old (FSX) simulator. Upon Installing the VFR Germany East (for FSX) I selected the option to pull 'objects' from the 'German Landmarks' I'd installed previous (a week ago). The following issue arose: Installation runs ok until Disk 3. The following 'error' message is announced: 'Feature Transfer Error' Component: Aerosoft E:\data4.cab ERROR: Data Error (cyclic redundancy check) Then confirming the message on the 'ok' button, the Install Wizard closes. I tried this installation several times across 3hrs.... I eventually went with selecting the 'native' objects in the 'VFR Germany East (4) that came on the disk set... Same result! Please direct me to a solution. I mention that I did recently acquire this box set along with those mentioned in the first sentence. These purchases were through your vendor PC AVIATOR.COM and this site is where I've been referred to for 'support'. As there are 303 pages of topics on this forum's site, I felt it would be quicker to start my own with this I still use FSX and will continue to 'enjoy' this experience as long as my PC continues to run. Thank you for you attention and I am anticipating a solution...
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