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  1. Hello everyone good evening. Once again, as the title of this topic suggests the time shown in the printed paper as Zulu, is the sim local time and not the actual sim time as shown in these two pictures.
  2. Thanks for ur answer Mathjis,that could indeed be the case however, I believe this engine fire test behaviour is the same amongst all MSNs around (being my FCOM reference correct). If in fact i am wrong, if possible, I would like to know what FWC/MCDU/ revision/ and FCOM airplane age you guys are using as reference on this product, since that could help me prevent reporting issues that arent actual issues(just different MSN stuff).
  3. Hello, good evening. As the name of this topic says, when doing a fire test to an engine, both the FIRE and FAULT light illuminate below the engine master switches, which is not the correct behaviour, since only the FIRE light should illuminate. Here is a video from sim regarding the issue and a small excerpt from FCOM. Prepar3D 2018.09.11 -
  4. Hello, good evening. I just noticed that the A320 variant of the airbus seems to be using the IAE engines from the A321, since the EPR ratings are the same and much higher than what would be found in an A320. Here are two pictures illustrating what i mean, which have been taken using same weather conditions (CFM version doesnt suffer from this problem).
  5. Very nice livery and it works so idk why its tagged as broken
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