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  1. Thank you guys. So during normal starting and "good" flying conditions it's appropriate to keep it inthe normal position. Flying in cold or wet conditions, the switch should be set to 2 to ensure the engines remain fired up?
  2. Thank you Mark. Your help is appreciated.
  3. What do the engine igniters do? (L1, both, L2; R1, both, R2) Are they simulated? They are not referenced at all in the checklists so I'm not sure how/when they are used?
  4. Maybe I missed something, but I am unable to assign the Twin Otter Fuel Lever function to the the mixture levers of my two Siatek throttle controls. I have a registered version of FSUIPC but cannot find commands to assign the axis. Can anyone help?
  5. Hey, thanks Herman. So, if I wanted to follow the checklist provided for the Twin Otter, there is a pretty extensive section on engine runup and testing. In that scenario, as I had learned from not applying the toe brakes on land craft, no doubt my float plane will insist on moving forward. So, to keep it from sailing away during runoff, who does one stay stationary to complete the tests?
  6. Thanks guys for your replies. I'll see what happens with the toe brakes applied! On a similar note, how do you keep a float plane in place when toe brakes and parking brakes (in my mind) would be somewhat ineffective? Excuse my ignorance ... this is a new adventure for me.
  7. I am using Aerosoft's interactive checklist to get my Twin Otter (Extended) into the air. When I get to the Propeller governer and autofeather testing portions, when I advance the power levers as instructed, my plane starts to advance forward despite my parking brakes being on. Also, on occassion, my plane tends to tip back onto it's stern when the throttles advance in a parked position. What should I be doing to avoid these occurences.
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