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  1. I've been playing around a little with the new version, and it is still displaying the +1 hour offset. When I created this particular flight yesterday, the +1 offset did not appear on the schedule/NOTAMs but when I re-released the flight today, it returned. P. S. I'd also like to add that the airport is showing the correct time zone on the airport editor screen.
  2. Ah, my mistake. didn't see that there was a second page.
  3. I can confirm that this issue still persists in the new version.
  4. I just downloaded the 1.27 update to PFPX last night. I would still get this issue from time to time in version 1.26. I'll report back once I've used the new version a bit more.
  5. Thanks, Stephen. I installed your timezone file and it seemed to work fine this morning. However, when I opened up PFPX just now, my time zones have again reverted to the incorrect +1 hour times. Replacing the file once again doesn't seem to do anything now. This is really strange... seems to be an issue with PFPX itself. Anyone else experiencing this? It would be great if we could get an official word on this. Regards. P. S. My PC is currently set to Indian Standard Time (UTC+5:30). Also, is there a debug report generated by PFPX that I can submit?
  6. I'd like to add that I'm using the latest version of PFPX with the latest Navigraph navdata cycle (1607). Could this be a navdata issue?
  7. Hi there, Something I just noticed today is that all the time zones for airports in countries that don't observe Daylight Savings Time (Summer Time) are out by +1 hour. For example, Mumbai airport (VABB) is incorrectly indicating UTC+6:30, whereas it should be UTC+5:30 (Indian Standard Time). The same is true for Dubai International, which is indicating UTC+5:00, whereas it should be UTC+4:00 (Gulf Standard Time). As far as I can tell this issue is affecting every airport that doesn't follow DST worldwide. Could this be addressed? Thanks!
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