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  1. Now I'm really disappointed, because the AOM Part1 "Appendix 5: MFS Key Commands" on Page 1-1-50 of this product is mentioning the keyboard controls for example for dec/inc autopilot reference altitude, dec/inc autopilot reference VS, and so on. So the manual says it has to work, or why is the description for these key commands there? Furthermore, I found out, that the heading for example is working, but only if I do it once by click action before. So it seems that it could work with MSFS key assignments. It can't be that difficult to link your custom variables to this default input variables of the simulator for all autopilot commands. It would be a shame, if the plane would fail on such a basic subject, because the simulations of the systems and the feeling of flying the CRJ is great. But without a reasonable handling of the AP functions it is not usable, especially not for online flights (VATSIM). I kindly ask you to fix this topic. Best regards Daniel
  2. Thank you for your fast response! I'm a little bit spoiled by the possibility of custom keybindings like they are common for X-Plane 😉 Is there any other possibility to establish key bindings to these CRJ specific commands?
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    Hello First I have to say, the CRJ is already a well done DLC and I have great fun by flying it. However, there is one thing which is really missing in my opinion: I have set keybindings for the auto pilot like inc/dec heading, altitude, speed, vertical speed for the flight simulator. This keybindings have no effect when I fly the CRJ. This is very inconvenient, as it is necessary to always use the mouse. The same issue is in case of taxi/landing lights. Please connect as much as possible simulator inbuild keybindings to the CRJ. Thanks in advance. Best regards Daniel
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