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  1. So do I use the winter package by xflyer and then add your libraries for vegitation, then add seasonal vegitation and then winter vegitation to my JSGME Mod folder? Does the vegitation library replace all the trees in Xplane? Oh, just read.. its for your scenery packages.. doh! Steve
  2. I don't have a global winter package... all the trees I have are default xplane apart from any custom airports that supply trees such as Aerosofts. Which winter packages work best globally? (and the Uk trees supplied by Orbx). I remember when I bought Bergen some time back it was explained about the airport trees being different and needing something done differently, but I can't remember what it was... 😞 Steve
  3. Aerosoft should perhaps look into making them more 'user friendly' and easier to implement such as it is in EDLW. Once they are in, the winter textures look great, just needs to be more 'ready to go' for 'not so intelligent' people like me to install! 😉 I think with the other airports there are far too many 'options' and we get confused. Maybe have JSGME ready folders with Winter and Autumn perhaps. I've included the Bergen manual for you.... Manual_Airport_Bergen.pdf I've followed your suggestion and changed my folders... I've tried them all and the only one not to have winter textures is Cologne which makes me wonder if the folder 'seasons' is wrong as the other airports don't have that folder level... here are the pics... (Dortmund with its white trees looks by far the best!)
  4. Hi Thanks for your reply. I've sorted the stadium.. cheers! With regards the other airports such as ENBR the Airport folder contains a folder called 'winter textures' and that contains two more folders... 'objects' and 'orthos' (winter versions). So I created a folder in my JSGME MODS with the same name as the airport and then added them two folders in it. Is that wrong? When I added the MODS using the JSGME application it added ENBR fine, but when I went to add ENGM it said that an 'objects' folder had already been added because of ENBR.. so I guess they are wrong. 😞 EDDK... This is similar but also has a libray file in it along with the 'season's folder. (see below)... When I tried to add this using JGSME it gave me the error you see below.
  5. Hi Both my ENGM and ENBR inside my MOD folder contain only the winter files.. (see photo) I've now changed my EDLW to the winter version also..Although it only contains a 'library' file.... (see photo 2) EDDK has the two folders in the MOD... How do they look now? So If I wish to have this Dortmund Stadium instead of the Aerosoft one which file do I need to take out of the Dortmund Scenery folder? Thanks Steve
  6. Hello Heinz, thankyou. May I ask why the 'options' folder has to go into my custom folder as well? Can it be kept out and used if I wish to change anything? Or does it have to go in to make everything work ok? Does this screenshot of my MODS folder look correct to you? You will see other Aerosoft winter folders in there.. hope they are OK too? Also, I have found a more detailed version of the stadium which I'd like to use instead. What do I need to remove from the 'objects' folder so that it wont get in the way of the other stadium I'm adding? Many thanks Steve
  7. Can anyone help me with my folders for Dortmund XP? I have so many folders I don't know what to do with them. In the documentation it says you will have three new folders.. but I've got 6 plus the airport making 7.. what do I do? Which ones do I put in my custom scenery folder and which ones go in my JSGME Mods folder.. if any? There are so many folders and options I don't know what to do. Inside the main airport folder there are more options and seasonal variations.. just so many in total.. help this confused chap!! Thanks steve
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