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  1. Found the solution. Need to deactivate Windows Defender real time protection. It is causing some conflict with Aerosoft installers with recent updates. Hope it helps other users and would recommend Aerosoft to investigate I have not changed anything in my pc, other then regular Windows updates. Thank you for the response anyway.
  2. Hi, I had PFPX 2.03 installed on Windows 10 and have been using it for several months without any problems until recently. I relocated and consequently spent 2-3 months without using the app / flying. Yesterday, when I tried to use it again, PFPX opened normally, however would not close based on an error message saying that could not find / write in the c/users/public/documents folder. I had to close it using the task mgr. After several tries, I decided to reinstall it. I then downloaded 2.03 from flightsoft website again and ran the installer with admin rights. A similar error occurs (does not matter where I am installing - folder location) and the installation is not completed. Has anyone faced a similar issue? I could not find exactly the same issue in the forums or on google. I tried manually deleting the public documents / pfpx folder and reinstalling the C++ 2015-2019 (found some discussions around it as potential root causes for installation issues), however nothing seems to help. Only changes between in the meantime were Windows updates (currently version 1909 build 18363.720). Appreciate any insights. Thank you! Note: I noticed the error messages show the following path public\documents instead of Public\Public Documents. Not sure if that could be one of the reasons. I also reviewed the sharing permissions in the network sharing options and on the public folder properties and already changed to full permission to everyone, to no avail. Update 1: if I manually create the folder PFPX Data under Public Documents the error changes to a generic one, as per the second screenshot. Update 2: there seems to be a common issue with the Aerosoft installers. Tried updating the Airbus A318-319 and A320-321 to the latest versions using the installers from the Aerosoft Store and ran into the same issue (error message Component: Updater).
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