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  1. I really appreciate your efforts, Michael. I do have XMLtools properly installed in my main dll.xml folder. Also I regularly fly Capt Sim 727 and the VS command works perfectly with my FSXSP2 installation. I have no keys mapped to autopilot functions. I have been strictly using mouse to manipulate the VS on the autopilot panel for the DC-8 as I do for the Capt Sim. Using pitch damp mode with manual trim would definitely be a novel approach worth trying. Note that DCON (cf the 4th post on this issue) has the same setup as I and also reported the same issues with FSXSP2. Craig
  2. Hi Michael! Thanks for your diligence in responding. I am sure FSX SP2 and FSX acceleration operate the same way. It is just two different paths to the same outcome. My use of the mouse as my controller should also not be an issue because the problem I am having with both versions of DC8 (other than the inexplicable occasional shaking/vibrating) is solely with the VS function on the AutoPilot. The rest works OK. I have an early version of B727 and it has very similar autopilot. When active the autopilot should auto-trim and it must be doing so in level flight (VS=0) since it adjusts altitude for varying pressure without difficulty. It seems at times to respond to VS commands (as long as I change them very slowly) but then out of the blue it suddenly goes haywire with no observable cause. This happened even on the tutorial flight with no ASN involved. As for the observed inaccuracies in performance vs EPR settings, again no ASN involved and no icing conditions present during the entire flight. The only add-on I have loaded with FSX is GSX v1.0 but I did not call on it since I started at rwy 8R with engines running. I also have FSUIPC registered version installed but not active. The only time I use it is to monitor VAS when using ORBTZ scenery in combination with a PMDG model. Not the case here, so it shouldn't have been a factor. I have XMLtools installed. And I have no other addons. All my other complex aircraft have no instabilities. I regularly use PMDG 737NG, PMDG 744v3, FSL ConcordeX, Majestic Q400, Maddog MD80, CapSim B727, and a few GA aircraft. All fly according to the performance specs without control issues. Other than that, I don't know what to tell you, but the problems I am having with DC8 are consistent flight after flight, with or without ASN.. My computer specs: I7 7700K Quad Core OC to 5.0 GHZ, 16G fast RAM, GTX 1060 graphics. Craig
  3. Testing routine (FSX SP2): 1. First test was reverting to V2.0 and adding in the 2D panel fix. With ASN active, parking brakes were unable to hold aircraft long enough to initialize INS. Thinking the new 2D panel might have some bearing, I removed it from the panel config, and then reloaded aircraft. It still failed to hold position. Turned off ASN, set winds to 0. Still plane kept creeping forward at the gate. 2. Next (still using v2.0 and without the 2D autopilot) I loaded the tutorial flight and after configuring correctly according to the expanded checklist and setting in performa as recommended, I commenced the flight from PHNL 8R. Takeoff was uneventful, all seemed to be realistic. After flap retraction, I accelerated to 250K and then the vibrating began and lasted on and off throughout the climb. After activating the autopilot the plane seemed to continue to stabiley climb at 250K and then suddenly it began to climb at greater rate and lose speed. I checked the VSI on the AP and it was reading 3200 fpm! I immediately lowered it to VS=0 to regain airspeed. The plane was unresponsive, so I applied manual trim using NUM 7 key and it began to respond. After recovering airspeed and resetting VSI to 1000 fpm the aircraft seemed to stabilize at 250K then suddenly lost pitch and began to descend increasing the airspeed. My VSI was still set at 1000 fpm climb and increasing it further did not stop the accelerating descent. I again had to use trim (NUM 1) to finally begin to reverse the trend and eventually got it to stabilize in climb at 300K above 10,000 ft. It was Impossible to attain the promised results given in the tutorial, however. I had to leave the EPR at takeoff setting just to maintain 500 ft climb at 300K.. Everything then seemed to be stabilized until I began the turn at MKK. I tried to coax it gradually but still the aircraft would not hold altitude let alone continue to climb. It began to rapidly descend as soon as the turn began and again required aggressive manual trimming just to stop the descent. It was impossible to begin to regain altitude while the aircraft was still banking. After the turn I regained altitude, stabilized airspeed and again established my 500 fpm climb. Eventually I leveled at 33000 and the aircraft behaved as it should. It held the altitude perfectly. During the mach climb the aircraft would not climb at 500 fpm above M.72 even at full takeoff EPR. Leaving it at this high setting, the aircraft would not accelerate above M.81 in level flight. Reducing to the recommended (by the tutorial and the performance charts) EPR resulted in the aircraft only able to sustain M.74. Did anybody actually try this tutorial with the boxed FSX version during testing? Conclusions: Not to intentionally offend anyone, but the FSX (boxed) version does not seem to be tweaked to the same extent that the PD3.4 versions I observed on Youtube. In those videos the plane held the autopilot climb settings and did not lose altitude during turns and definitely did not appear to exhibit any vibration or shaking. I observed no one having to use manual trimming once under AP control. And all of the videos had WX engines active (one had REX the others had Active Sky). One flight started cold and dark and had no problem aligning the INS (apparently brakes correctly held the aircraft in position). I know that the majority of respondents on this forum are PD3 version 4 users and apparently that version had undergone much greater refining. Perhaps the same for the FSX steam version, but I have the original boxed version of FSX upgraded to SP2 and my experience with the DC-8 simulation has not been positive. Both version 2.0 and version 2.1 exhibit unstable flight dynamics in climbs and descents and do not perform according to the real world charts.. And BTW, I don't have an external controller. I use the mouse for pitch/roll and the keyboard for rudders. Craig
  4. I never tried v2.0. I immediately upgraded to v2.1. Just so I was on the same page as Michael, I loaded the tutorial with ASN off and did it step by step to make sure I wasn't missing something. The shaking started on the takeoff roll, but I thought maybe that was purposely programmed to add realism. It handflew easily on takeoff but after I intercepted the radial to MKK and activated the autopilot, the problems began. Occasional shaking but the big issue was that it would not hold the climb. I had to manually keep trimming up and down to keep from alternately overspeeding or stalling. Once above 30,000 ft everything calmed down and pitch/vertical speed seemed to "almost" hold my settings without trimming. Once at 33000 ft with VS=0 it totally behaved itself with one exception. The cabin altitude continued to climb way above my setting. I terminated the flight at waypoint 2 and the cabin altitude was over 5500 and still climbing at 300 ft/min, not responding to the vertical speed knob. The dial settin for 33000 ft showed it corresponding to a cabin altitude of 4500 ft. I hadn't noticed that issue on any of my previous flights. Based on Dcon's post, I think I will reinstall v2.0 to see if it will fly without these issues. I do like the ability to access the AP on the 2D, but I think I can copy the gauge settup from v2.1 and install it in the panel for v2.0. If that is the case and v2.0 has no issues then I will avoid the upgrade. Any further comments or suggestions will definitely be appreciated! Craig
  5. I uninstalled and then reinstalled v2.0 then upgraded to v2.1. No vibrating scenery at the gate this time. But several serious issues during the takeoff and climb. 1. Handflew the aircraft to 8000 agl and then activated AutoPilot maintaining correct climb EPR (per charts based on altitude/RAT) and pitched using VS to maintain 250KIAS. Shaking (or vibrating) panel began immediately. But outside view showed stable climb. Then the aircraft began pitching down and I tried to raise the VSI using the AP but it had no effect. Finally was able to regain stable flight by aggressively applying UP-Trim using the NUM 1 key. It gradually responded and I had to immediately use DOWN-Trim to stabilize it and readjust the AP VSI to maintain 1000 fpm climb. Shaking continued and then suddenly the aircraft began again pitching down rapidly. This struggle continued until I was almost at my cruising altitude and then it settled down and I was able to smoothly level off with VS=0. Everything has been stable for the rest of the cruise. 2. I had engaged the AUX HYD during start and since I needed engine icing during taxi and takeoff, I left them on during the takeoff. At 2000 ft my outside view showed the gear still down even though the gear handle was up. By trial and error, I finally shut down the AUX HYD and the gear immediately went up. Why should having the AUX HYD prevent the gear from actuating? 3. As the temperature decreased in the climb, I kept adjusting the EPR to match the performance values for my weight (210,000 lbs). When my RAT dipped below 45C, the charts recommended raising EPR to 2.02 but the dials would not show anything above 1.99. The pointer stayed at 2.00 and would not respond to further rotation of the setting knob. 4. Since I use FSX, the scenery is out of sync with current charts so I have to adjust the position of some waypoints in takeoff procedures and landing procedures. Even though I capture and track published airways once on course, my flight plan shows up in FSX as "GPS or Direct" and the automatic INS input gadget therefore won't accept it. I can't use PFPX for routing because I am unable to enter DC-8 as an aircraft selection. 5. The 2-D autopilot is a great and necessary improvement but the left hand dial is non functional in the 2-D but works correctly on the pedestal. I use ASN as I do with all my study aircraft and have never had issues. I am currently completing the cruise portion and will shortly begin the descent phase where I expect the shaking and the oscillations to again be an issue. I watched several YouTube videos and the aircraft smoothly climbs and descends without issue. Of course these were using the PD3.4 versions, not the FSX I am following the expanded checklists so I don't think it is a user issue. I have not tried version v2.0 to rule out the new version as being the cause of the instability issues. Any suggestions? Craig.
  6. Need format and performa for DC-8 in PFPX. Is this available somewhere or must I create it myself? If so how would I create it? There doesn't seem to be that option in database. Craig
  7. I have uninstalled and reinstalled to see if it was some anomaly caused during my initial installation. I have FSUIPC loaded but don't use it for anything other than VAS monitoring when using PMDG in ORBTZ scenery areas. I will disconnect ASN during my next test flight if I still notice shaking. Thanks for your input. Again, for reference, I am using FSX SP2 (boxed version). Craig
  8. I am still not sure what was causing the shaking (yes scenery and plane with engines off!) when I first spawned the aircraft but I haven't noticed it on the last few flights. But, it still shakes during climbout if on autopilot (OK if I hand-fly). Once I level off with VSI=0 it holds altitude perfectly and all shakiness is gone. But as soon as I start descent (with autopilot) not only does the shakiness present itself again but the plane will suddenly reverse and start to climb. Any attempt to re-establish the descent even with VSI fails. The only solution is to disconnect autopilot and bring aircraft back into descent profile. Once stable, I can re-engage autopilot but soon the undesirable characteristics will reappear. I do have ASN weather but the problem doesn't seem to correlate with any wind direction/speed change. I also am descending at idle and holding airspeed. I am correctly loading aircraft and within CG limits. Out of ideas. The other issue concerning INS updating was due to procedural error on my part so all sorted out now. Craig
  9. I reinstalled DC8 v2.0 and noticed no shaking at the departure gate and began flight without incidence but missed the autopilot popup so upgraded to v2.1. Vibrating scenery came back but this time the aircraft stayed in position so I was able to align INS. After a few minutes the shaking vibrations ceased but reappeared briefly on climbout then disappeared for the duration of the flight. I have no clue what is causing it. I did have ASN weather active but winds were very light. Off the topic: also noticed that the automatic INS loader does not activate after I have loaded a flight plan in FSX. The documents state that it does not work for flights that are "GPS-direct" which would include all flights over the oceans since there are no VOR stations and no high altitude airways (only variable tracks). Therefore waypoints need to be entered manually (as they probably were back in the heyday of the DC8/B707.) I also observed, when using DME updating, that sometimes one of the NAV radios fails to capture the VOR signals. Sometimes it is the right, sometimes it is the left; inconsistent. I also noted by trial and error that the INS selector in the overhead must not be set to the same INS that is being updated or the update will fail to activate, i.e., if inputting DME data into INS#1 then the overhead INS selector must be set to #2 and vice versa. Keeping the remote buttons active during the DME data input allows both to benefit from the updating. (Must switch the updating INS to PI=4). Not covered in the documentation. Craig
  10. I have FSX SP2 and downloaded v2.1. Also noticed problem with v2.0. Only happens with this product. When I load the aircraft in cold/dark at a parking spot, the whole scenery vibrates very slightly and the aircraft very slowly creeps forward. Parking brake is set and I even actuated Aux Hydraulics but no joy. The movement causes my INS not to align and I get error code. Also interferes with GSX as the plane moves away from the stairs and service trucks. I have I7 7700 and my frame rates are usually 80-100 but I lock at 35 fps to avoid any loading stutters. I have tried placing the aircraft at different airports and same result. I use ASN but set the winds to zero and still I have the vibrations affecting the entire scenery when I have the plane loaded. When I switch to another aircraft, the problem disappears. This first occurred with v2.0 but upgrading to v2.1 still has same issue. I have the US-tools showing active in my tool bar but when I pull up the interface to check it requests me to sign in. Is this an additional requirement upon installation? Do I use my aerosoft credentials or do I have to set up a new registration just for that product? Could that be the issue that is causing the jerky vibrations? Please advise
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