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  1. Thanks Ben - I assume they will tidy up the software when the action slows down a little. Hope you enjoy fair skies and plenty of daylight under your wheels - Cheers Pete
  2. Hi Guys - been struggling to set up the bravo throttle - selector, Decrease/Increase knob etc but finally seeing some daylight. Have been chasing my tail with the CRS and VS buttons seeming to swap places on me and decided to start again and use XPlane for the button assignments which is when I noticed that the interactive assignment buttons in XPlane are different to those on the hardware. The Autopilot Hardware button VS, when pressed, lights up the X-Plane Assignment Key no 6 labeled as CRS on the diagram and in the labeled assignment list. Am I right to assume that it doesn't matter and to just go ahead and assign it as VS or CRS ?? Would appreciate any suggestions. Cheers Pete PS I don't care how many hours it takes me to set this up as far as I'm concerned the Alpha and Bravo are the Omega I've been waiting years for - just sooooo smooth. PSS - dosen't mean I wouldn't appreciate any X-Plane .jsons from some kind persons though 🙂
  3. Thanks Heinz - no need for a ticket - Your suggestion of the CTRL C and CTRL V did the trick. Thanks mate. Cheers Pete
  4. Hi Guys - Just purchased a 12mth NavDataPro Subscription. Downloaded the NavDataPro.zip files containing both the data set and charts installers. Installed the Data Set ok but when I attempted to install the Charts the splash window requested both my email and serial as did the dataset but unlike the dataset install would not allow me to paste the serial into the window. I then manually entered all 56 characters into the window a number of times but it returned an error message each time I tried. Whilst attempting to validate the install a window opened offering an update which I closed by checking the remind me later box. As mentioned above I downloaded the combined dataset and charts as a package and as such I only have the one serial key for both which I assume is SOP? Would appreciate any suggestions. Cheers Pete
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