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  1. Hi Oliver, Unfortunately I saw this too late. I have already started the process for reinstalling P3D. I will however keep an eye on this for the future.
  2. Well I manually disabled all other scenery including ORBX and still was having the terrain issue. However, I think at this point, I will accept the blame for it not working, may have something to do with the way I have tidied up my scenery, I might have done something in error that is causing the scenery issue. What I will do at this point is wait until P3D 4.5 is out, do a full wipe as I normally do and install Gib first after all of the essentials (the last time I updated only the content it caused me issues so I always do a full wipe and clean install). So go ahead and close this topic, and if need be when 4.5 is released I will start a new topic. Aaron -oOo-
  3. Hmm, I will give that a go I guess. Not home until Sunday, but will let you know. When I get home on Sunday, if Mathijs idea didn't solve it, then I will post it. There are no LXGB files inside of the ORBX directory. I will keep this in mind for when I get home on Sunday. Will try moving the FSDG file.... Aaron -oOo-
  4. Might I add, when I upgraded from P3D v4.3 to 4.4 I did a full wipe and install. Aaron -oOo-
  5. Hi, I am using P3D v4.4. I have recently reinstalled Gibraltar (v1.10) and I have the following issue.... Now, it used to work just fine in v 4.3, and I am at my wits end as to why this is happening in v4.4. I have deleted and installed it about 7 times over the last 2 days trying to solve this issue and the post that I could find with pictures showing another user with a similar issue turned out to be not a fix. I have tried installing it both inside and outside of the main P3D folder. I have tried the file that was supposed to fix the terrain flickering issue that was identified in the other post, to see if maybe it would solve the terrain issued. Note I do not have flickering. I have no tweaks applied other than wide screen. I have various Orbx sceneries as can be seen in the next 2 screenshots, however you will notice that while I do own Vector, it is not installed as it causes more headaches than what it's worth.. The AFX_LXGB_ALT.bgl file is where it should be... I include for you screenshots of my scenery config up to where the default scenery takes up the rest of the entries. I a bit obsessive compulsive when it comes to ordering my sceneries, so I have them sorted in alphabetical order by airport code. Yes I know it's a lot of sceneries and yes I legitamately purchased them all. This is not even half of the sceneries that I own. I would be grateful for any assistance that could be proferred. Aaron -ooo-
  6. @Jo Erlend I can confirm this behaviour too. I did EDDT-EDDK this morning in the FSL A319. I parked at C20 and I stopped just as the yellow bar filled up and I was much too far forward. When I told SODE to dock the jetty it could only do it to the aft door as it was impossible for it to dock at the forward door. Regards..
  7. It's whatever directory you installed Chaseplane into...
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