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  1. HI, I just installed Anchorage professional for prepard 3d v5. I have no taxiway line and no runway markings. add-ons.cfg
  2. thank you for the explanation. On the perf page, the ramp fuel show show the the actual fuel in tank. I reported this issue a while ago. Thank you
  3. Hi, Thank you for the great update is much appreciated. I am am a little disappointed because I was hopping that the engine start and fuel counter in the FMS perf page was repaired. Its a snag that I reported since the first CRJ version. Let me know if they anything I could do to help. I am an active flight instructor on CRJ. Thank you and happy new year.
  4. yes when you initialized the fms in perf section you enter the ramp fuel. When you start the APU or engines it is connected to the fuel flow. in other words, the total fuel displayed in fuel tank always matches the fuel in the perf init page. thank you
  5. hi, I am a active CRJ instructor for Jazz. Thank you for the CRJ pro. The problems on the crj x editions are all in the pro editions. FMC perf page the fuel is not decreasing like in the real airplane and the engine starts are unrealistic, it take 40 seconds to start in the real airplane. would it be possible to repair those problem. I did report them in the other crj x.
  6. hi, anyone would be interested in building ofp template for PFPX from real flight plan. Hi have new air canada ofp format, Jazz new ofp format, Sunwing and west jet. let me know and I will send them all to you
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