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    P3Dv4 Confusion

    Thanks Harry for the information. In the case of Straight Port and Partly, are we able to see exactly what features are missing for each airport? Can we expect each airport which is currently Straight Port or Partly to eventually be upgraded to Fully? I'm not just starting, I've been doing this for 25 years and have bought many Aerosoft products before. But because I don't spend much time on the forums, when I do decide to buy, I'm finding that the Aerosoft system of compatibility and updating is a bit of a headf*ck compared to sceneries of some of the other scenery companies, most of which are either fully P3Dv4 compatible, fully compatible when updated using a provided update, or not compatible!
  2. crwk78

    P3Dv4 Confusion

    Hi, I visited the Aerosoft website for the first time in a while today to make an order for some P3Dv4 sceneries. I have spent the last hour trying to work out what is and what isn't compatible. I am getting confused with the Prepar3D Sceneries section of the website and the following two lists, the three of which don't necessarily agree with each other: and I am confused by the terms "Straight Port" and "Partly P3Dv4 features" and "P3Dv4 compiler". As an example, Tromso X is compatible in the first list, "Partly P3Dv4 features" in the second list, and doesn't appear in the Prepar3d Sceneries list on the website (although it does appear in the Steam section with P3D v4 written underneath). I'm not sure this process can be more complicated, three tabs open and and a spreadsheet I created containing most of the colours available and I'm still none the wiser. A suite similar to FTX Global Central would be a start in making things more simple. I've just bought some sceneries which I believe are "Full P3Dv4 Features", having to do two orders because two were upgrades and the system will only allow one upgrade at a time. There are others I want to buy but cannot as I'm not clear as to their exact P3Dv4 status. Cheers, Charlie K
  3. I've just realised the last bit is already available so disregard that!
  4. Hi, I'm looking for the local date to go with all the above local time fields. A flight that departs today from Los Angeles at 2000 local time will be departing tomorrow at 0400 zulu time due to the UTC-8 difference. PFPX shows the departure time and date in ZULU (ie. 22/12/2017 0400Z). It shows the local time of 2000LT above the entry for Z time, but I can't find a way to display the local date (21st) on the flightplan. Something like: ETADateLocal ETDDateLocal STADateLocal STDDateLocal all of which are date fields and correspond to the local date. Whilst we are here, is there any chance of two extra fields for time difference? FromTimeDiff (for KLAX would return -8, with possible various alternatives such as M8 or UTC-8 etc) ToTimeDiff (for EHAM would return +1, with possible various alternatives such as P8 or UTC+8 etc) EGLL would show 0 Thanks again, Charlie K
  5. Hi, Can you add the option for local date to the list of flightplan fields so that local date can be used on the occasions where it is different from UTC date? Thanks Charlie K