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    A330 for Cubana de aviación (Fictional of course) Repaint by A. Ramos. Largely underrated due to its lack of operational and fleet(mostly old russian/ukranian aircrafts) capabilities, Cubana airlines however possesses a long history and tradition within the aviation industry. Spanning over 90 years since its creation long preceding the communist regime established in Cuba after 1959, Cubana airlines has nevertheless remained as a beacon of hope for a better future of the aviation industry in Cuba specially for those who would love to see its resurgence with an updated fleet, thus becoming once again, one of the leading airlines in Latin America. Cubana airlines was a founder and is a current member of IATA and ICAO, as well as AITAL. Enjoy this livery which was designated under the name of José María Heredia, a Cuban born poet, considered by many to be the first romantic poet of the Americas born on December 31st hence the liverie's registration CU-T1231.
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