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  1. I have the CRJ 700/900X - it is the X-version, not the Pro version. My trouble started when I update to fix
  2. I have the CRJ 700/900X and use P3Dv4.5 I updated using the Updater to version As a result no buttons work, switches have no effect and no Panel keyboard selections work. The toggle switches go up and down but no effect. Has anybody else have the plane and sim and updated without any problem? Bill S.
  3. I just purchased the CRJ 700/900 and I am having a lot of difficulties. 1 - I expected to find a User Manual. In the Aerosoft site when I tried to download the Manual it gave my a message that I was not authorized. After a lot of problems and discovered a site that let me view CRJ manuals. 2 - How do I get the 2D panels? 3 - The panel.cfg does not have Display/hide main panel SHIFT+1 Display/hide radios SHIFT+2 Display/hide GPS SHIFT+3 Display/hide engine controls SHIFT+4 Display/hide overhead panel SHIFT+5 Display/hide backup PFD SHIFT+6 Display/hide PFD SHIFT+7 Display/hide MFD SHIFT+8 Display/hide EFIS instead I get different views of the Virtual Cockpit panels. Bill S. SHIFT+9
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