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  1. Will there ever be an official compatibility patch? There are still issues: sunken river and ponds, mesh incompatibility and trees overlapping with autogen trees.
  2. I agree that what we see with our eyes and photography are not the same. Let's just ignore the photos and ask a simple question - why would you be able to see the ground so clearly if it isn't lit by any light source at all? Humans can adapt their vision to low light levels, but even then it shouldn't be this bright. I repeat again that the ground at Frankfurt is brighter than the default scenery which is already too bright. By the way, your X-Plane scenery doesn't have this problem.
  3. Oliver, Your picture only proves my point. I should clarify that I didn't mean the brightness of the lights sources and the ground that is lit by them, I meant that the ground that isn't lit by any artificial light should be pitch black at night which it is in your photos. In the picture I posted, you can see that the taxiways are grey and the grass is green, whereas in the real world photos you posted anything that isn't lit by artificial light is completely black.
  4. To make my sim more realistic, I lowered the brightness until all unlit scenery became pitch black on a moonless night. However, the Frankfurt airport still remains too bright. Is there a specific reason why it was made like this? This is very unrealistic as you can see everything - even though most of the airport isn't lit by any light sources. The default scenery is already too bright at night which is why I had to lower the brightness - why make your scenery even brighter than that? The same issue exists at Zürich.
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