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  1. Hi, Please advise when can we expect a proper installer without broken links and a working livery manager. Many thanks, Denes
  2. Hi, Installing the new version 1310, the livery manager is gone. The shortcuts are installed, but it cannot find the actual file. The Livery Manager A318-A319.exe can however be located manually in the A330 folder, but it does not show a single livery!? I am a bit confused, looking for assistance. Thanks, Denes
  3. Hi, I have just reinstalled Prepar3D and Airbus PRO to the latest versions and what I notice is that I need to put N1 to at least 40+ % so that the aircraft starts taxiing. It is with less than 50% fuel, so the aircraft is not heavy. Before it was enough to put N1 to around 30% to start the Bus taxiing. Now the engines are turning on relatively high ratio only for taxiing!? Is this normal? Please advise, Many thanks, Dénes
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