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  1. Fixed it, due to being an idiot I had set it to go to the wrong folder.
  2. Yes I have done that. I use the secondary flightplan, load that, says loaded, then click secondary plan and activate and exec and nothing. LEAMLXGB.flp
  3. I have generated a flight plan in Simbrief and exported it to the correct Directory and I can see it under the Pilot Route List but if I try and load it it says Route Loaded but nothing gets filled in? Charlie Goulding
  4. Getting this error for every route I plan in Europe. Sure it must be some definition file but have looked and searched on W3. Nothing.
  5. Hi, I am planning a flight from LYTV to EHAM and I am getting a >25% Dist Increase. The METAR is LYTV 221430Z VRB03KT CAVOK 15/05 Q1031 NOSIG and plane is a PMDG NGXU 737-800 This is the route and as I see it the problem is a big leg out to PARAK and I don't understand it. I have listed a Smibrief route as No. 2 1). NIK1P NIK P129 GENLU DCT PARAK DCT GOTAR DCT LIMRA DCT LAMSI L604 RUDNO DCT MAPOX L604 RELBI L602 RKN RKN2B 2). KOFE1P KOFER DCT NUPSO DCT ALIVO DCT SIMBA DCT RUDNO DCT MAPOX DCT NORKU NORK2A This the route in the opposite direction and is 43% dist inc REN1SY EDUPO Z739 DEGOM L603 TESGA DCT OSBIT DCT KEMES DCT LAMSI DCT PESAT DCT TEGRI L605 NEKUL M747 AGNEP Z924 VAL N732 POD POD1F
  6. Can I suggest before you close this you make sure you have link on the A330 page saying you need to install this font XXX if you are seeing digit problems, I actually removed the whole of P3DV5 and reinstalled everything when a very simple 2 minute download and paste would have fixed my problem.
  7. That Font install fixed my problem, thanks skystar. Seems crazy such a fundamental issue can get this far without more people having the problem.
  8. I am having this issue as well, not sure what is happening with it as the topic has been closed?
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