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  1. Or copy the files with "" to "" from texture.SP-ASR into the texture.vh-cce and p2-sea, then you keep the English captions.
  2. Many thanks. Meanwhile, I found it after another extensive study of the AOM Part 1. According to the description of the service window a few failures are built in. Among other things also this: "Lights Failure: If landing lights work more than 8 minutes (failure will happen in 8-16 minutes range)" Well, you just have to read carefully Otherwise, a great plane. I'm just waiting for an update to improve the sound in the interior.
  3. I noticed that during the flight after a certain time, first the left and later also the right landing lights failed. The switches are on, engine is running, alternator is on. All other lights, taxi lights, NavLights, cockpit and instrument lights will work. Is that a bug or am I doing something wrong? I can't find anything about it in the documentation. P3Dv4.1, Win10 64, the Antonov is installed under default path: C: / User / My Name / Documents / Prepar3D v4 add-ons
  4. I'm happy to finally have an AN2 for the P3Dv4 again. However, I find the engine sound a bit thin and quiet inside. Can anything be refinished there? It lacks this typical strong sound and above all a bit more bass. Outside, the sound is completely okay. Happy landings, Michael
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