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  1. Hi Dave and Patrick, thank you both for your comments, much appreciated. I totally followed the configuration many times but didn't work I reinstalled FSUIPC, same result. what's weird is that I can't find .CFG file anywhere and I have got the licence. is it normal? I have got another question: can I use (when it will work of course) the thrust axis with FSUIPC while other push bottom and switches are configured with spadnext? thank you
  2. hi Dave. many thanks for the quick feedback, actually, I have seen your posts and followed the instruction among others but it didn't work. I would be really grateful if you can send me link to the doc you refers to and I will read them. thanks a lot fico
  3. Dear all, I seeking your recommendations as I am considering buying Aerosoft Airbus Pro. I have faced many issues (and still facing issues) with Axis assignment with my old Airbus extended in particular thrust lever (through FS, with spadnext, Linda...). I am desperate as I am spending too much time on forums to fix this without any progress while saitek multi panel and switches works perfectly. I did all the conf for PMDG 737 and it was very quick and easy but I prefer simulating Airbus. so the question for those who experienced the Airbus Pro and spadnext did you face any issue in axis assignment or switches and multi panel. thank you in advance for your feedback. -fico,
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