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  1. Very strange next flight no problems with the speed restriction
  2. Hi in the speed indicator you get If you fly higher a red marker next to the speed you are flying. The higher you go to lower the speed Will be because of this red line and you get speed warnings. If i am descending such as in the vid this speed restriction must get higher up then 280 knots. Worked with the other bussen before and never had and problems so this is new or different.
  3. Hey, during descent in the pfd the max. Altitude For the airbus is lowered to 280 knots. And is not going higher in the descent. Is this a know bug? F05AB769-7791-43C8-BCB1-90AAABE8AB7E.MOV
  4. did do that already but i think to reset the whole system. Clean installation of everything because this is going to be a hassle. Topic can be closed and thank you for responding.
  5. Mathijs not to technical please (LOL) But what do you mean with runtimes?
  6. Yes i did. But i think there are more issues then this one only. if you see i have no ND screen. And already opened a topic about the Aerosoft sound system could not be initialized.
  7. Try to install it without using the virusscanner. Then it works really well the installation
  8. and here i move the joystick in the twist position for rudder and on the ecam there is responds
  9. As you can see in the PFD the indicator is in the middle top and on de ECAM there is no responds what so ever. (Elevation) Next Ailerons to the right. In PFD is the indicator to the middle right and on the ECAM there is no responds with the 4 arrows up at the right wing
  10. yes i did. But Aileron en Elevation do not respond in the airbus. If i use F22 it works
  11. Hello, I use Saitek X-55 joystick and if i try to fly nothing happens. The joystick in the airbus is moving backwards but the aircraft is not responding. In the PFD there is a + that responds but nothing happens. Rudder on joystick does responds very well Anyone any suggestions
  12. Did a total new clean setup of P3D and new install of airbus. Pop-up is still there. Also checked you suggestion and the files are there. So i do not know what is wrong
  13. Still the same. Will uninstall everything and reinstall prepar3dv4,3. And maybe then the problem is gone.
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