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  1. I only followed the instructions on page # 56 of the Step-By-Step tutorial "Before the T/D (Top of Descent) point is reached (marked on the ND flight path by a white arrow showing down), the altitude should be set to 2.500 feet. But do not push the knob before T/D is not reached. Tips?
  2. Hi, I tried the EDDF / EGLL flight as tutorial, after DESCENT PREP. CL before the T / D point we heard all the systems and engines and the aircraft continued in the air as it was in COLD / DARK mode. Has anyone had a similar problem?place a couple si screenshotProvisions for help
  3. Salve, ho cambiato pc e reinstallato in Prepar3D v.3 l'Airbus A320/321, ma con sorpresa l'aereo è installato, però si carica con metà strumentazione attiva del pannello principale. Nell'MCDU2 <ACFT STATE, CHECKLIST>, <ACFT DOORS e <GND SERVICES sono disabilitati e di conseguenza non è possibile procedere con le funzionalità dell'aeromobile. Qualche suggerimento o idea sarebbe utilissima. Grazie
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