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  1. Resolved - seems windows had decided to install some separate Realtek sound drivers/software. Uninstalled this and let windows generate its own default drivers and all is well. If anyone else comes across this problem - check your control panel to see if you have a realtek audio manager (or equivalent) then check your add/remove programs for audio drivers/software and get rid of whats there!
  2. I have installed the very latest A318/19/330 and I still have this problem. I have half sound in the cockpit (background engine noise) and no cockpit noises (clicks/alarms etc). Outside seems fine. i am getting quite annoyed with this to be honest. Something needs to be done.
  3. I don’t use chaseplane. So not a resolution for me. Haven’t had chance to install the latest 318/19 package to try that yet. Hope to do this on Friday.
  4. That'll be my next thing to try...
  5. Yeps - except I don't have voice ticked in the sim sound settings, but that isn't anything new. Always had that off and it used to work fine. Other than that everything is set as it should be. Again - I haven't made any changes to any sound settings which may have caused this issue. There was another thread which mentioned changing sound output to 16bit, tried that; no joy.
  6. Most certainly have - checked the obvious things. Everything is showing as it should, just getting no sound.
  7. I have a bizarre problem that has suddenly come about in the Airbus professional series for P3D V4. I am getting no cockpit sounds (clicks, seatbelt bongs etc), and only partial engine sound. It is almost like it is trying to play the sounds through speakers that don't exist. I've checked my sound settings in windows etc and ensured it is on stereo and not set as surround sound (thus making the sim think I have speakers that I don't), and I've done a complete fresh reinstall of the aircraft. However nothing is making a difference. This is affecting both the A318/19 and
  8. I too have had a repeating checklist issue - Captain keeps repeating 'Off, Off, Off' mid flight. Managed to resolve it by turning off the checklist but when turning it back on again he carries on repeating. Not a big deal but if no one reports it then it can't get fixed 🙂
  9. I too am experiencing the managed speed issue. I flew LIPX-EGGD with no issues, turned around on the ground and flew EGGD-LIPX and the managed speed issue started later in the climb. I think it was after I was given a direct by ATC (as another user has previously reported). I am now in the cruise in selected speed, as every time I put it into managed the thrust idles. Clearly there is some sort of bug, and I'd deem it unreasonable to suggest that customers should reinstall windows and/or their simulator. This problem has existed for over a year looking at the forum, and there appears t
  10. I had this CTD. It started happening totally at random, before any update. Tried the above TrueGlass fix, to no avail. So I started looking for other odd-things out compared to the default config entries & texture files. I then realised that my aircraft type in the A318 for my VA's paintjob was showing as ui_type= A318-114 CFM in the CFG whereas the rest were 112. Changing it to 112 seemed to fix it (or it is a big coincidence). Last time I flew the bus it had been working perfectly, so I have no idea why it suddenly had a fit. But all is fixed now.
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