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  1. Hi. After sim update 9 I had to remove the pms 530 mod. Then I fliled an IFR flight from Mekatharra to Mount Magnet, live weather. Here's a report with the help of the screen shots of my personal flight monitor interface. Initial estimates were 41 minutes enroute, and 77 minutes of flight time from block to blok to account for cockpit preparation and approach. Expecting an average fuel flow of 600 pounds, the fuel used in trip was estimated at 719 pounds, adding a 1 hour fuel reserve, required fuel on board was estimated at 1,319 punds. Initial fuel on board 50% was more than enough, and also payload was let at Aerosoft default: After takeoff the simple flight plan was turn to join the 203 degrees radial out of MEK VOR for about 60 miles. After 44 minutes, ATC cleared me for visual approach to runway 34. Circling altitude 2338 feet. Strong winds from the north east (FS). After a stable descent from 8500ft to 3000 (minimum approach altitude) we turn on final on a heading of 336. Time to descend with minimum throttle, max prop: Smooth turn to intercept visual runway, And final turn, flaps 10, maintain 80-85 knots: and finally land flaps 20. Difficult to keep both speed and descent rate in (!) Wrap up: Thank you Marco
  2. Hi. At least in my installation the two knobs rotate so slowly that for instance, it is sometimes difficult to align the heading marker with the current heading. Thank you
  3. Good idea, but nope, in all the simobject subfolders, one for each model, the aircraft cfg contains the line: icao_generic=0
  4. Hi. I thought random was a clear enough concept, but ... since I installed KODIAK 100 I've never seen CESSNA 208's at all. Seems like KODIAKs are chosen exclusively for that categopry of aircraft. Is anything I can do to make them appear againg? Thank you
  5. Very minor imperfection: left gauge: green range incomplete, right gauge: no yellow range. Thank you Marco
  6. A perfect IFR flight with native ATC, native FlightPlan, real weather and of course Aerosoft DHC-6. Princess Juliana Intl to Bradshaw Intl TKPK MULLT2 ZPATA TKPK FP Distance: 62NM Cruise Altitude: 11000ft Enroute Flight Time is 26 minute Expected Arrival at TKPK expexted by 19:34 18:43 (UTC) Parking 13 Cockpit Preparation. Note: QNH is set automatically (minor bug) . 50% fuel, 94% weight 18:54 TAKEOFF 19:15 Cleared to instrument approach RNAV rwy25: NOVAR 4000 UDGEL 2500 RADAT 2000 then Visual to Rwy 25 Minumums at 1000 BARO Threshold altitude 168ft (Attached outdated Approach Chart !) My own developed application at 19:22 UTC shows the aicraft before turning to UDGEL Landing at 19:36 after 53 minutes in flight, distance actually covered 92NM, Fuel Used 394LB, Average Fuel Flow 510 LB/H The DHC-6 is spot on on everything in terms of performance. Just a bit too difficult to maintain speed and rate of descent with throttle with flaps deployed. Fantastic!
  7. Apart from a funny print error where every word starting with "pic" is rendered as "pilot in command", for instance "picture" becomes "pilotincommandure", 😜, the manual is an incredibly high quality gift for us aviation enthusiasts. Thank you Aerosoft.
  8. Hello. To furher inquire into long loading times, I was reading in the manual that: "The installer (either from Aerosoft) or from the Marketplace will copy all the needed files to the Community folder. You can recognize the folders by the “zzzz” as the first part of the folder name. There is no need for any manual action. In case you wonder about the large number of folders, that’s the only way this can work now." Well not quite. When asked into which drive install the files I answered E: AND the directories and the files WERE loaded by the installer into "E:\Aerosoft One Library\Add-ons\msfsSteam-ea8d-AS15423\gameDirectory~Community" like this: while in my community folder which is E:\MSFS2020\Community the fdirectories were "linked" as this: Could this be the cause of the long loading times ? What if I copied the original files into the actula community folder? Thank you for your support
  9. Hello. I have just installed Simple Traffic and I am very happy with the product. I have noticed that perhaps the loading times of MSFS have increased: may this be related to Simple Traffic? I have installed the libray on the my hard drive E: which is where the sim exe is also installed, not on the SSD. What is your advice? Thank you
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