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  1. Solved myself. Thanks for your help!
  2. After many time I have decided to fly by Airbus. Now I don't remember as to open MCD2 (I seem that it need click on two button of keyboard) Please help me: Reply my question.
  3. Where can I find Alitalia livery for Airbus Professional A321?
  4. Yesterday I flew from Rome to Madrid with Airbus A321 Professional. But a few hundred miles from Madrid, the fuel is gone. All commands have gone out. Yet I took good care of the compilation of Airbus FuelPlanner, also including the reserve. Why did this happen? Thanks for your help
  5. Dear Holgi, Please paint the new Airbus Professional Alitalia liveri. Many thanks for all you do for us simmers.
  6. Yesterday I bought Genoa X, but I have seen that SODE program does not work with GSX. Please, HELP ME! Otherwise, permit FSX to enable moving jetways by CTRL J Thanks.
  7. Please, AIRBUS A330 ALITALIA livery. Many thanks. Alitalia is the regular flight ROME-NEW YORK KENNEDY. ALITALIA!!!!!!!
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