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  1. Solved myself. Thanks for your help!
  2. After many time I have decided to fly by Airbus. Now I don't remember as to open MCD2 (I seem that it need click on two button of keyboard) Please help me: Reply my question.
  3. Where can I find Alitalia livery for Airbus Professional A321?
  4. Yesterday I flew from Rome to Madrid with Airbus A321 Professional. But a few hundred miles from Madrid, the fuel is gone. All commands have gone out. Yet I took good care of the compilation of Airbus FuelPlanner, also including the reserve. Why did this happen? Thanks for your help
  5. Excuse Mathijs, also I am interested in Global ATC. I would like to know if it is alternative to the ATC Prepar3d 4 which has several bugs, and so if I could use it in its place? Thanks.
  6. Many thanks, Tom. For Now I expect better times. Or Aerosoft creates a new London VFR, or I expect a new ORBX scenery: UK and Ireland photoreal, like Nederland photoreal. Thanks. For now I fly by your wonderful Airbus A319.
  7. form ORBX. But your VFR London has beautiful screens?
  8. Many tnanks. Mathijs. I have another London photoreal, but It is blurry. I would buy VFR London, but if it does not work by Prepar3d 4? Then I expect UK and Ireland photoreal.
  9. I would insert that scenery in my Prepar3d 4.3 simulator, because I have London Heathrow professional, As can I do to buy VFR London and put it in my simulator? Are there any problems of compatibility with Prepar3d 4.3? Thanks.
  10. In my older Airbus Aerosoft (A319 and A321) I saved on FMS my ROUTES, and when I flied again the same route, I recalled the route saved, like now: LIRFEDDF01 (Because it is possible to save varius flight plan of the same airports.) Now I insert in the LSK 1 of the INIT PAGE, but I don't know if the route is saved.
  11. Yes, it's possible to save flight plans, or the ROUTES. In my old Airbus I saved on the same FMS. In fact on the INIT PAGE of the left FMS, there's the space on the LSK 1, under CO RTE, to fill with the text of airport departure and airport arrival. For example: EDDMEDDF01.
  12. No, I refer about INIT PAGE of FMS Airbus. When I flied by your old Airbus, I saved my route on the LSK 1, under the text CO RTE. Now i would save the route on the left FMS. So, the next time I fly, I choose the same ROUTE saved. Excuse my english.
  13. Many thanks to Aerosoft for having updated Airbus Professional A318/319. Finally I have solved my problem. A little question: Where can I save the route indicated on the left of the page INI: example EDDMEDDF01 ? Many thanks.
  14. Otherwise I continue to operate by the actual Airbus... It works well.
  15. This Is the file deleted by Norton360. Yet I created an exceptions on the Documents \ Aerosoft folder. Tom, can you suggest anything me?
  16. Another image when I open the file
  17. Many thanks Tom, but when O run "ASUpdater,exe", it appears a little windows says: "ASUpdater,exe it is not a valid Win32 application". Why Win32? My O.S. Is 64-bit.
  18. Just to be precise: my O.S. is a Windows 7 Professional, and not Vista. Greetings
  19. Now I'm installing again Airbus, choosing C:\Program directly. Now I'm seeing what is happening. But my Airbus is good with windows.
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