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  1. For me this happens because of armed speed brakes after Aircraft Power up and once disarmed the short alarm disappears. I have it only on A320/321 after selecting Cold&Dark state. I think Active Sky has nothing to do with this and it seems to be a conflict somewhere (by the way I have the speedbrake arm toggle assigned to a button in FSUICP registered version).
  2. copy-paste each GSX.cfg file directly into each model's folder. That should work for you and you don't need to put them into GSX folder.
  3. I had the same problem once and I uninstalled GSX completely (as described on FSDT support forum) and re-installed again and all was fixed. Sometimes the new Updater messes things up and I still prefer to download and install the Standalone Addon Manager manually.
  4. Does anyone know how Fuel Dumping works on the A330 if it available at all? I know that the A330 design is capable of "Overweight' landing beyond its MLW while adjusting the landing speed. Please correct me if I am wrong.
  5. I assigned that in FSPUIP (Elev Trim DN and UP) if you have the registered version. If you use FSX it is there already in the keyboard assignments (default 7 and 1 on your keyboard Numpad I guess).
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