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  1. If you read that message correctly, you'll see this line. 5. All these products will release this year, (CRJ first) where the A330 follows on the A320 series. we expect these all to be released shortly after each other.
  2. I tried but didn't work. My joystick is Logitech Extreme 3d pro and I set Z axis "throttle 3 set" button in the axis assignment section. I tried throttle 3, page 3/11 in joystick callibration section, but that didn't work, too.
  3. Yes I do. There is axis assignment option but I dont know how to adjust sensitivity..
  4. How did you set this? I searched but couldn't find any option to set.
  5. Hi folks. I've a question about tiller sensitivity. It turns too fast and it makes turning unrealistic. Is there any way to decrease tiller's turning rate? I couldn't find any option in fsuipc. As far as I remember, Aerosoft Airbus X's (non extended) tiller was slower than current buses. Am I right? If so then can we use its codes?
  6. Sorry man but you're absolutely wrong.. Pilots only do some manoeuvres such as spin & stall recovery during atpl training with single engine aircraft, not flying with passengers. No passengers want aircraft do spin recovery training when they are in.. Pilots only do touch and go by the end of the type rating what we called base check. Without passengers and cargo, fresh first officers make 6 touch and go then full stop landing. I guess you mean this. In addition, in the check flight (in order to promete from P5 to P4) instructer captain asks some question (like, what you do in engine failure, assume that i had an heart attack what you do etc.) other than this, captain never hold thrust levers in order to create engine failure scenerio.. Other procedures (tire burst, engine fail, fire, windshear etc.) simulated by the simulators, not with real aircrafts. In aviation, rules are written in blood so you cant fly however you want even if you owner of the aircraft or entire airline.. (Except test flights)
  7. Turkish Airlines which is the biggest operator of 330's one of the operators that use single engine taxi procedure.
  8. Sir, Using hat switch as you said means that I can't see the runway, or taxiway etc. It may cause running out of the taxiway while I'm turning off the lights. Usually, pilots don't have to look up to turn off landing lights. Because they know exactly where they located but I cant do like they do.. And view bar is not usefull for me.. Aerosoft is already very realistic. But developing team may add an option to customers like me.. But if we talk about realism, we should consider right mcdu. Because in real life pilots can't open doors by clicking button on the mcdu.. Actually pilots don't open the doors but the cabin crew.. Please dont take this serious I'm just kidding I'll try FSUIPC. Thank you for this advice Best wishes..
  9. This is just a simulation.. In the real life there are two pilots in the cockpit and they have four hands totally while I have only one mouse pointer. I can't turn off external lights when I was vacating runway.
  10. No. What I mean is short cuts such as "CTRL+D" for landing lights etc.
  11. I dont know if it asked or answered but; will you include key commands feature like in pmdg Ngx and 777?
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