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  1. you know what tweak it is ? i try with defoult cfg but i have the same problem
  2. the scenery is made in tiles ?
  3. it doesn't work. it can be a hardwer problem between gpu and monitor ? Mod edit: I changed your font size in the last sentence to the normal 14 point from the much larger one you used. Bumping up the font size has the same effect as using all caps, which is considered shouting and unnecessary. Your question has just as much impact this way. Thanks!
  4. I try to reinstall all the prepar3d but nothing change. now I only install : prepar3d, orbx (base,vectore, open europe. buildings and trees), gsx 2, active sky and rex
  5. nothing and I noticed that when I fly over them they disappear
  6. no in the left down corner there is another line that start
  7. you can see that there is something in the texture
  8. i try to change priority but nothing change
  9. Yes the problem is the vey narrowdoted lines. Yes I use ORBX but I don’t know how change the priority because some scenary are lock. i don't have any file out the LIMC pro folder
  10. this is what I see. the scenary is Malpensa Professional for p3d v4
  11. I have problems with the scenario, as you can see I have some boundaries between the textures
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