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  1. Long time since I last visited this thread and I have to say WOW! I can't believe what I am witnessing right now @John Glanville. You have done an excellent job on those SAS repaints and you have done so many of them Keep'em coming mate. Let me correct myself on OY-KAW's selcal. It is BF-AD. Happy New Year!
  2. The tag plate is different, indeed, and it is usually different from airline to another airline. You and Bryan are the painters, so you decide what you want to include and to not include, but it does my heart good that you want to add as much details as possible. Good luck to both of you. I am really looking forward to add some freshly painted Scandinavians to my FS fleet. Take care Brgds Erling
  3. It's true what you say. The aircraft are old despite they have been in SAS' fleet for only a couple of years. What you say about the missing SELCAL info, may be the reason, but we can't state obviously. I'm fully aware of that it doesn't make any difference taking simulation into consideration, but I support the eye candy and the "as real as it gets" attitude. I sent you three photos in a private message. Hope they can help. All the best Erling
  4. Hi @John Glanville, That is great news. I know some of the SAS repaints are already uploaded, which is great. I have som SELCALs for you if you need them. I will give you an overview: Aircraft and registration SELCAL A321 OY-KBB GQ-AL A321 OY-KBE (DONE) GQ-AP A321 OY-KBF
  5. Hello guys! This is forwarded to @DetCord and @John Glanville. I remember you two did some SAS repaints for the 319 a year ago (http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/89435-100-accurate-sas/&page=1), and I really like them. As SAS gave you some information about colors, fonts etc., can I hope for some 100% accurate SAS A320 or A321 liveries in the future?
  6. SAS A320: OY-KAN and OY-KAT SAS A321: LN-RKI and OY-KBH
  7. I hope to see LN-RKH SAS A330-300 with RR Trent 700 engines and Thomas Cook Scandinavia A330-300 with RR Trent 700 engines COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL REMOVED
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