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  1. Nope, Swissport is still alive and kicking. The only service that has "lost" its competition at BRU, is the catering agent. LSG bought GateGourmet, so the only catering provider at BRU right now, is LSG. That will probably change in the near future, as an offer searching for new catering companies, has been made public.
  2. Brussels Airport uses a preferential runway system. Unless winds break certain limits, they continue to use 25L and 25R for active operations. 25R is usually used for take-offs, with the odd landing in between. 25L is mostly used for landings, with the VERY rare take-off in between. (Mostly heavies needing the longest available runway). Until recently, the crosswind/tailwind component was respectively 15 and 5 knots. The tailwind component has been raised to 7 knots. When these criteria are met, the preferential runway system is used: DEP RWY ARR RWY Mo-­Fri 25R 25L Sa 20* / 25R** 25R Su 20* / 25R** 25R On sunday, past 11pm local, RWY 20 is adopted for landing if conditions permit.
  3. Please take into account that the transition from R3 to R4 & S has been permanently removed. It still is visible in the above screenshot.
  4. Instant buy for me! I fly quite regularly from Brussels, so if you would like photos from anything airside, give me a shout an dill see what I can do.
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