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  1. Thank you for the answer, I lowered the vegetation complexity a bit and it helped. The surroundings like forests and cityscapes are heavy beneath EDDK
  2. In my case while taxiing on the ground beneath the beautiful terminals my GPU usage is approx at 90% and the FPS are about 30, in fact everything is working fine BUT after takeoff when the cologne sorrounding area gets visible and the air graphics are loaded the GPU usage drops to 20% and the FPS are about LAGS! What is going on there? I have ORBX GEN and GES installed.
  3. Hallo, ich habe das Gefühl, dass meine RWY lights auf Addon Flughäfen falsch dargestellt werden. Ich habe hier einen Vergleich zwischen Standard Szenerie mit ORBX NORTH/SOUTH in EDDK und Aerosoft Mega Airport Frankfurt. Hier das Vergleichsbild Müssen die Lichter in FRA so unrealistisch hässlich oder läuft da etwas schief? Ich habe P3D v4.3
  4. I have the same issue. Had set up a flightplan (GCFV to LPMA) in PFPX and exported it as PMDG .rte to get the whole plan into the FMS and on the other hand in the P3D .pln format to get the exact route accepted by the default P3D ATC. While loading the .pln into P3D it changes the entire routing via VORs far away from the original routing :/
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