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  1. Thanks also, but I have no deceleration during climb, only after I get to cruise alt. And I am quite sure that I have the AC configured correctly for my flights.
  2. Hi, I always start out the climb at 190 or so, always climb with speed button on and set. Flaps are up around 1000-1200ft and speed goes up to 230, and stays there until 10000ft or so, then speed gets dialed up to 270-290 for the climb to altitude. Once cruise is reached "usually" you will have to bring the throttle back some to slow down to a steady speed. But there is no steady speed, only too slow or too fast! Im still not hearing any answer regarding the manual saying reduce speed to Cruise. What is cruise? if its not somewhere in the manual range, and its not climb, and its not TOGA or MAX??
  3. Just reporting, I am also having the majority of all the reported problems but there is one more thing I havent seen written on here (yet)... After climbing to whatever alt, say FL330 the throttle will not hold the speed, as in, If left in climb detent - the AC will start slowing down usually slowly but it still slows down. If using TOGA detent the AC will speed up considerably fast. If using FULL SPEED detent, the AC will quickly go past OVERSPEED. If dropping the throttles down to MAN the AC slows down rapidly. In the manual it says to move the throttles into the CRUISE position after reaching TOC, but Im not seeing a cruise position. "quote the manuals...."During climb we already switched from Speed mode to Mach hold and were climbing with Mach 0.74 so there is no need to speed up after level-off. As soon as the cruising altitude is captured, reduce thrust to cruise setting." Can you possible tell how to keep the AC flying at a chosen speed? (and I know there is no auto-throttle, thats not what im asking here, Ive ridden in front in the real RJ's a few times at my old job and I know when you set the throttles to give off a certain thrust, the throttles stay put and DO NOT require constantly shifting from different detents, also they DO NOT automatically click into "one detent or the other") Thanks for a nice looking RJ anyways. Im sure these issues will get resolved sooner or later.
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