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    No aircraft in p3d

    Similar thing here. Did the update for A319 and for A320. Now only A320/A321 show up in P3d. No A318/A319. Did nothing except run the updater. Two directories ar eunder Users\<name>\Documents\Aerosoft but only the aircraft under Aerosoft A320-A321 Professional are showing up in P3d.
  2. The link to the configurator points to a non-existent file. Turns out there is a file in the directory but with a different name - A3XX in the filename instead of A318_19. The rest of the filename looks ok. Also the "Start In" entry in the shortcut begins and ends with double quotes = "" instead of ". With these changes the configurator appears to work. Have I broken something by changing the shortcut in this way? (I am running p3dV4.3 on Windows 10 if it matters.)
  3. Same problem when attempting to install the jetway patch. Installed multiple times but that didn't help. The scenery is listed in FSX scenery configuration as Priority 1 - London-Heathrow-Xtended_Airport Priority 2 - London-Heathrow-Xtended_Terrain What is the installer looking for?