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  1. Similar thing here. Did the update for A319 and for A320. Now only A320/A321 show up in P3d. No A318/A319. Did nothing except run the updater. Two directories ar eunder Users\<name>\Documents\Aerosoft but only the aircraft under Aerosoft A320-A321 Professional are showing up in P3d.
  2. The link to the configurator points to a non-existent file. Turns out there is a file in the directory but with a different name - A3XX in the filename instead of A318_19. The rest of the filename looks ok. Also the "Start In" entry in the shortcut begins and ends with double quotes = "" instead of ". With these changes the configurator appears to work. Have I broken something by changing the shortcut in this way? (I am running p3dV4.3 on Windows 10 if it matters.)
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