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  1. Hi Herman, Thanx for your answer. Of course, I read step 129 many times. The problem is not with LOC, plane is heading runway without problems, but g/s, after I push the APPR button, LOC will switched off and the plane doesn´t descending. R.
  2. Hello from Cze, I bought Airbus X over fspilotshop before few weeks, and training every day, with your "step-by-step" guide. But I found few problems, so I would like to ask you for your help: - take-off, climbing, cruise and descent is without problems. Troubles begun with ILS. I set on MCDU the frequency for VOR 1 and heading course of runway. By pressing LOC button the plane start heading for the runway, but after I press the APPR button, LOC will switched off and there is no g/s, the plane is still in the same altitude, so I ever missed the runway. Where can be a problem? I set only freq for VOR 1, what about the VOR 2 (and other data in rad/nav section)? Could be this the problem? Thank you for the answer Roman
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